ARCHIVED: Burning Issues Symposium 2016

Feb. 2-3, 2016, Ft. Custer Training Center, Augusta, Michigan

Topics for this two day session include climate adaptation, wetlands, oak systems, and communication.

More information and registration is available on the event home page hosted by the Lake States Fire Science Consortium.

ARCHIVED: Burning Issues Symposium II

Completed: January 13-14, 2015, Ft. Custer Training Center, Augusta, Michigan

About the event:

Burning Issues II was a day and a half of presentations and discussions that addressed what we know about the positive and negative effects of prescribed fire, and what we can do to further ecosystem restoration and species recovery and maintenance.

This symposium was designed with input from biologists, land managers, and fire operations specialists. The forum provided an opportunity exchange knowledge and strengthen connections across states, agencies, and disciplines.

Five panel discussions one the first day shared the perspectives of 15 speakers. We reconvened the following morning for breakout sessions that allowed more probing discussion, which produced brief statements of priorities for fire and invasive species, rare wildlife, and oak savanna restoration.

Speakers included:

Invasive Species - Ellen Jacquart, The Nature Conservancy, Indiana 

Herpetiles - Alicia Ihnken, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Insects - Karl Gnaedinger, The Nature Conservancy, Illinois

Oak Restoration - Lars Brudvig, Michigan State University

Fire Management - Paul Charland, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Details about the location, agenda, and lodging can be found on the Burning Issues II Symposium flier.