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Upcoming Conferences

Many organizations around the region have organized events relevant to fire ecology and prescribed fire management. Here are the ones that have passed across our desk. Please contact our coordinator if you have information about events related to fire ecology or prescribed fire that are not listed here.

2016 North American Prairie Conference

July 17 -20, 2016 @ Illinois State University

The 24th North American Prairie Conference will include more than 70 invited and contributed oral papers and a poster session on many aspects of prairie ecology, restoration, management and some innovative ideas on working lands. Field trips are planned to large scale high diversity restorations at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie (19,000-acres & Bison), Nachusa Grassland (3,000-acres & Bison), and Efroymson Restoration at Kankakee Sands (7,000-acres) as well as a diversity of other locations throughout the region.

On Monday, July 18, TPOS Advisory Board member Dr. Thomas Bragg and Coordinator Craig Maier will host a breakout session to explore opportunities to coordinate long-term research on fire frequency and season of burning in tallgrass prairie. Dr. Bragg's research at the University of Nebraska - Omaha, begun in 1978, has demonstrated effects of different fire treatments in vegetation in reconstructed prairies.

North American Congress for Conservation Biology: Communicating Science for Conservation Action

July 17-20, 2016 @ Madison, WI

Through numerous plenaries, symposia, concurrent sessions, workshops, short courses and field trips, we will advance discourse in many conservation disciplines, from biological to social sciences. The 2016 congress will provide an open platform to foster collaborative partnerships, and to create and adapt emerging ideas, technologies, and methods in conservation science.

Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference

October 17-19, 2016 @ La Crosse, WI

The goal of this conference is to strengthen management of invasive species, especially prevention, control, and containment. Join TPOS for a special session on fire and invasive species: "Prescribed Fire in Modern, Altered Landscapes– Improving Our Understanding and Use of an Important, Imperfect Tool." This session combines presentations from practitioners and researchers and a panel discussion. 

Recent Events

Overcoming Challenges to Ecological Restoration in the 21st Century

April 1-3 @ Bloomington, IN

The Eighth Annual Chapter Meeting of the Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration will be held at Indiana University. The Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium will be there with an exhibit booth and Coordinator Craig Maier will present on the consortium's efforts to collect land manager observations of fire effects on invasive plant species.

20th Central Hardwood Forest Conference

3/28-4/1 @ University of Missouri-Columbia

The Central Hardwood Forest Conference is a biennial meeting dedicated to the sustainability and improvement of the Central Hardwood forest ecosystem. The conference objective is to bring together forest managers and scientists to discuss research and issues concerning the ecology and management of forests of the Central Hardwood Region. The conference will be hosted by the University of Missouri and the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, and the Missouri Department of Conservation. 

 Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society 2016 Annual Meeting

February 9-11, 2016 @ Mankato, MN

Highlights will included a plenary session on fire ecology.

Illinois Prescribed Fire Council 2016 Symposium

February 10, 2016 @ Illinois Fire Service Institute, Champaign, IL

A day of talks with time for discussions about fire ecology, fire operations, and safety. 

Burning Issues 3

February 2-3, 2016 @ Augusta, MI

The Burning Issues Symposium is organized around the challenges of integrating multiple prescribed fire objectives  in land management and restoration.  Organizing partners represent the Michigan Prescribed Fire Council, Michigan DNR, Army National Guard, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Kalamazoo Nature Center, Lake States Fire Science Consortium, and Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium.

Prairies from Scratch: a Symposium

January 12 @ Fergus Falls, MN

Sponsored by the Prairie Reconstruction Initiative Advisory Team.

The Prairie Reconstruction Initiative Advisory Team will host a seminar for professionals who are engaged in prairie reconstruction. They will share a sneak peek at results from a retrospective study of several 4 - 14 year old plantings, comparing seeding methods (seed mix and planting technique) with the resulting plant community. A new prairie reconstruction database designed to document planting conditions, management actions and monitoring results will also be highlighted. This will be followed by an audience interactive panel discussion with some top prairie reconstruction experts. The day will conclude with an open discussion designed to explore and identify the most important next steps to build on past work and address uncertainties of prairie reconstruction.

6th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress: Advancing Ecology in Fire Management

November 16-20, 2015 @ San Antonio, TX

The theme of the Association for Fire Ecology's 6th Fire Congress is “Advancing Ecology in Fire Management.”  

"We continue to make a lot of progress in the development and dis­semination of new information.  Our challenge is to continue to bridge the ecology of fire with fire management, and facilitate more collaboration among researchers, educators and managers.  The opportunity to meet with each other face-to-face in a conference setting is invaluable to meeting this challenge."


2015 Natural Areas Conference

November 3-5 @ Little Rock, AR


Grassland Restoration Network

July 21-23, 2015 @ Hawley, MN

The Grassland Restoration Network organized presentations and discussion on restorations at scale and use of high diversity local ecotype seed. Field trips included tours through several stages of grassland reconstruction at Bluestem Prairie and Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge.

2015 Iowa Prairie Conference: Working Prairies

July 15-17, 2015 @ Cedar Falls, IA

The Tallgrass Prairie Center at the University of Northern Iowa hosted the 2015 Iowa Prairie Conference. 

5th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

May 27-29, 2015 @ Tuscaloosa, AL

The goal of the Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference is to improve land stewardship through transfer of knowledge and technology of fire as a management tool and its role in a historical context. The conference brings together noted experts in research and management to present state-of-the-art information, perspectives, and syntheses on key issues and provides learning and networking opportunities to over 300 participants.

The Prairie Enthusiasts Annual Prairie Conference and Banquet

March 21, 2015 @ Stevens Point, WI

Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference

October 20-22 @ Duluth, MN

The Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium and the Lake States Fire Science Network co-organized a special session on fire and invasive species.

Deeply Rooted in Restoration - 41st Annual Natural Areas Conference

October 15-17 @ Dayton, OH

2014 Ohio Prairie Conference - "Northwest Ohio Prairies: Making Connections"

September 13 @ Toledo, OH

Sustaining Oaks in the Chicago Wilderness Region

September 11 @ The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

The partners in Chicago Wilderness are developing a plan to sustain oaks, both in urban sites and in natural areas. At this conference, the first draft of the Chicago Wilderness Oak Recovery Plan will be presented to gain feedback from a wide range of stakeholders who have an interest in the future of oaks.

Grassland Restoration Network

September 9-11 @ Nachusa Grasslands, IL