Research Briefs

Research briefs aim to summarize the practical significance of peer-reviewed scientific literature for resource managers, with an emphasis on implications for management.

Each brief is reviewed by the author of the original paper as well as representatives from our management team (principal investigators and staff) and advisory board before being published here.

There are now FOUR ways to access research briefs:

  1. NEW: The Research Briefs Map - browse research briefs by location (click on any dot for more information and a link to the brief).
  2. NEW: The "Research Briefs - Tags" check out the sidebar to see which briefs cover topics of interest.
  3. NEW: The Research Briefs Table - browse research briefs by title.
  4. Just like before - browse the latest publications our Research Briefs Blog (and add your feedback about the research or implications for managers).

Please email coordinator Craig Maier to share any feedback or questions about these new tools.

 Research Briefs Map


 Research Briefs Table