Demonstration Sites


Prescribed Goat Grazing, Prescribed Fire, and Invertebrate Refugia at Hogback Prairie State Natural Area, Crawford County, WI

Dry prairie and oak savanna management including prescribed fire, and recent use of prescribed goat grazing. Burn unit rotations and unburned refugia are implemented for rare invertebrates.




Patch Burn Grazing at Chippewa Prairie, Chippewa County, MN

Management includes decades of prescribed fire and recent patch burn grazing of over 3,000 acres of remnant tallgrass mesic prairie. Monitoring of birds, amphibians, reptiles, plants, insects, and small mammals is underway to evaluate the new patch burn grazing management.

Oak Barrens Restoration at Quincy Bluffs State Natural Area, Adams County, WI

Management includes prescribed fire, timber harvest, salvage logging, and prairie seeding. Natural disturbances include tornado caused blowdown and wildfire.


Lakeshore Nature Preserve at University of Wisconsin-Madison

A photo series from the Lakeshore Nature Preserve illustrates just how rapidly tallgrass prairie in the humid Midwest regrows following a fire.

This reconstructed prairie is planted on former agricultural lands now within the campus. The Biology Core Curriculum Program (or Biocore) uses the prairie extensively for undergraduate teaching and research.


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