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Effects of prairie restoration on butterfly communities

Effects of prairie restoration on butterfly communities


This study looked at the butterfly communities found in restored prairie sites in the Loess Hills in Iowa. Restoration sites were managed with prescribed fire, grazing, and a combination of fire and grazing.

Implications for managers:

  • There is not a single best managementpractice for butterfly communities
  • Knowledge of species present on site – and potential positive and negative responses – can help restoration planning
  • Using a variety of management practices may be best way to increase species richness and abundance

For a summary of the study's results and implications for management, you can download a PDF version of the research brief "Effects of prairie restoration on butterfly communities."

The original paper is:

Jennifer A. Vogel, Diane M. Debinski, Rolf R. Koford, and James R. Miller. 2007. Butterfly responses to prairie restoration through fire and grazing. Biological Conservation 140:78-90

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