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WINTER READING: Ecological Effects of Fire in Savannas and Prairies

This synthesis is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about ecological effects of fire in the tallgrass prairie and oak savanna region. Information and results from over 250 peer-reviewed publications are summarized here, including sections on soil nutrients, hydrology and ecosystem processes, vegetation, and animals.

The Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium completed the literature review with Dr. Gary Roloff of Michigan State University. 

View or download "Ecological Effects of Fire in Savannas and Prairies" as a PDF.

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Wisconsin Fire Needs Assessment Published

What are the priority areas for prescribed fire in Wisconsin? The Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium partnered with the SILVIS Lab at UW-Madison and the Lake States fire Science Consortium to conduct a Fire Needs Assessment (FNA) for Wisconsin. This project used LANDFIRE vegetation data (www.landfire.gov) to identify where fire-dependent vegetation is located and the fire return interval of community types.

The assessment found that the highest priorities for management with prescribed fire occurred in the Central Sand Plains and Sand Hills, Northwest and Northeast Sands, and along the lower Wisconsin River. These areas reflect where high concentrations of rare ecosystems with frequent fire return intervals occur and there may be less challenges associated with applying prescribed fire in the Wildland Urban Interface.

To learn more:
1) View or download a two page PDF of the final report.
2) Email  corresponding author Tracy Hmielowski.
3) Access the article in Ecological Applications via:  http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/15-0509

Literature cited:  Hmielowski, T. L., Carter, S. K., Spaul, H., Helmers, D., Radeloff, V. C., & Zedler, P. (2016). Prioritizing land management efforts at a landscape scale: a case study using prescribed fire in Wisconsin. Ecological Applications, 26(4), 1018-1029. 


Fire Ecology Synthesis for Great Lakes region prairie and savanna

This review summarizes the findings of over 250 studies from the region to describe fire effects on vegetation, wildlife, and nutrient cycles. The final version is now online.

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