Share Your Lessons From Working with Fire in the Midwest

Note: the call for abstracts is now closed.

The call for abstracts encouraged submissions for oral and poster presentations from all fire practitioners including researchers, natural resource managers, students, contractors, and private landowners.

 Presentations will focus on fire in the tallgrass prairie, savanna, and oak woodland region of the Midwestern United States and adjacent regions of Canada.

A full list of topics, details on presentation and discussion formats, and complete instructions on how to submit an abstract may be found here.

Presentation Formats Include

Oral Presentations
Share scientific results, case studies, or observations from the field
Facilitated discussions, panel discussions, and roundtables focused on a single topic
Share step-by-step methods on how to complete a task or solve a problem 
Poster Presentations
A great format for one-on-one feedback and small group conversations about methods and initial results.