2013 Tallgrass Prairie & Oak Savanna Regional Fire Conference

Thank you to the more then 350 participants who made the 2013 conference a success! This event was held on January 29 - 31 in Dubuque, Iowa.

Recorded presentations are available on the Conference Vimeo Channel.

Most presentations are available as PDF files. Presentations are arranged by date and concurrent session. 

The final program is available here


Tuesday January 29

"Oak, Fire and Mesophication: Past, current and future trends of oak in the eastern United States."

Gregory J. Nowacki; Ecologist, US Forest Service, Eastern Region

"Role of fire and grazing in the evolution of grasslands and the implication for management."

Dr. Roger Anderson, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Plant Ecology, Illinois State University

Concurrent Sessions - Round 1

"Flint Hills Smoke Modeling Tool"

Tom Gross, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

"Blowing in the wind: Managing smoke from prescribed burning - The Flint Hills Experience"

Carol Blocksome, Kansas State University

"An analysis of 5 years of grassland bird data and restoration practices on a 500 acre Northern Illinois Conservation Area"

Gabriel Powers, McHenry County Conservation District

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Fire Training Exchanges Spread Like Wildfire"

Kyle Lapham, The Nature Conservancy

"Introduction to a select group of prairie butterflies and moths.  A managers journey attempting to understand these critters for better management outcomes"

Armund Bartz, WI Department of Natural Resources

Concurrent Sessions - Round 2

"Understanding the Wind"

Brad Woodson, McHenry County Conservation District

"Trends in Prescribed Fire on Public Lands in Missouri"

Daniel Godwin, University of Missouri – Columbia

"Online Prescribed Fire Planning Software"

Tom Buman, Agren Inc.

"Prescribed burning for fun and profit with volunteers"

Brian Buenzow, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

"Bee diversity on two tallgrass prairie remnants after 22 years of management"

Mike Arduser, Missouri Department of Conservation

Wednesday January 30

"Lawyers, Risk Managers, and Politicians: How we can maintain the ability to utilize fire as a management tool!"

Stephen Creech, Wildfire Management and Training Specialists

Concurrent Sessions - Round 3

"Re-introducing prescribed fire to fire-dependent (but fire-excluded) woodland and forest urban ecosystems"    Part 1    Part 2     Part 3

Matt Schramm, Thunderpaws Ecology & Fire, and Angella Moorehouse, Illinois Nature Preserves Commission

"Summer Burns in Michigan: Growing Season Fire in Oak Barrens, Jack Pine Barrens, and other Natural Communities"

Jack McGowan-Stinski, Cardno JFNew

"The compatibility of prescribed burning and the conservation of insects in fragmented landscapes"

Karl Gnaedinger, The Nature Conservancy

"The Plains and Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation Cooperative – Addressing our Partnerships Science Needs"

Mike Olson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"Native Prairie Adaptive Management: a way to speed up learning about what works"

Pauline Drobney, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Concurrent Sessions - Round 4

"Prescribed Burns in Southern Iowa Oak Savannas: Grassroots efforts to promote savanna ecology and management"

Gregg Pattison, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"Short-term effects of burn season on flowering phenology of savanna plants"

Noel Pavlovic, U.S. Geological Survey

"Incorporating refugia into prescribed burns – what to think about and how to do it"

Matt Zine, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

"Fire Use Modules"

Dan Paulson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"NWCG Leadership Development Program: Engaging Leadership Development by Prescribed Burners and Non-Operational Fire Managers"

Jeremy Bennett, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Concurrent Sessions - Round 5

"Mixing Heights and their impact on Smoke Dispersion"

Casey Sullivan, National Weather Service

"Prescribed Burning as a Woodland & Forest Management Tool"

Brad Hutnik, WI Department of Natural Resources

"Assessing threats to grasslands in the prairie peninsula: eastern redcedar encroachment in the Grand River Grasslands"

Ryan Harr, Iowa State University

"Long-term Studies of Bird-Fire Interactions in Illinois Grasslands"

Dr. James Herkert, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

"Prairie Restoration and Prescribed Burning on a Reservation in the Urban/Rural Interface"

Shawn Kelley, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

Concurrent Sessions - Round 6

"Burning Under Low-Humidity Conditions - How Low Can You Go?"

Jim Elleson, Quercus Land Stewardship

"Repeated prescribed fires favor oak regeneration in canopy gaps"

Todd Hutchinson, U.S. Forest Service

"LANDFIRE data and ecological departure: an analysis of ecosystem loss and structural change"

Sarah Hagen and Randy Swaty, The Nature Conservancy

"Controlling invasive cool-season grass with fire – timing is everything"

Rich Henderson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Concurrent Workshops and Group Discussions - Round 1

"First Aid For Prescribed Burns"

Jaya Elleson, Quercus Land Stewardship

Panel Discussion: Fire’s role in today’s woodlands:  How can we better utilize prescribed fire as a forest management/silvicultural tool as well as a land management/restoration tool?

"25 years of fire at Nachusa Grasslands. What is your fire return interval?"

Bill Kleiman and Cody Considine, The Nature Conservancy

Panel Discussion: Integrating College/University Students and Prescribed Fire

Intro     Carleton College     Knox College     SAFE     UW-Green Bay     UW-Stevens Point

Keynote Address:

"Developing Fire Science: Adding to Conservation Legacies"

Richard King, McGregor District Manager, Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Thursday January 31

Concurrent Sessions - Round 7

"Technical Colleges: Hands-on experience for students and prescribed fire practitioners including agencies, private entities and landowners."

Jon Kellermann, Fox Valley Technical College

"A Sleeper Lake Wildfire Experience"  Part 1     Part 2

Dan Wallace, Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council

"Conducting a Statewide Fire Needs Assessment: A Michigan Example"

Jack McGowan-Stinski, Cardno JFNew

"Rosinweed gall wasp response to fire"

Rich Henderson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Concurrent Sessions - Round 8

"Evolution of a Prescribed Fire Program in Oak Savannah, Forest and Cattle Pasture at Whiterock Conservancy"      Part 1    Part 2

Liz Garst, Whiterock Conservancy

"Managing Smoke and Ignition Techniques"

Scott Moats, The Nature Conservancy

"Large-scale Prescribed Burning: pros, cons, and related issues"

Matt Zine, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

"Fire and Herpetofauna in Grassland Ecosystems"

Dan Fogell, Southeast Community College

Concurrent Workshops and Group Discussions - Round 2

"ATVs and UTVs on the fire line: How to pick the best rig for your needs and how to use it safely"

Jerry Ziegler & Dave Feutz, The Nature Conservancy

Roundtable: Midwestern Prescribed Fire Councils – A Discussion of Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Daniel Godwin, University of Missouri – Columbia & MO Prescribed Fire Council

Panel Discussion: Incorporating fire sensitive species into prescribed fire planning and operations

Nate Fayram, Tallgrass Prairie & Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium


Association for Fire Ecology

Missouri Students Association for Fire Ecology

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